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Philadelphia Defense Attorney Mark D. Hauser

Mark D. Hauser has been defending the greater Philadelphia area for over twenty years, providing residents with strong legal representation and tenacious defense strategies. Mr. Hauser’s experience in the Courtroom and his knowledge of criminal law helps you beat or reduce any criminal charge, no matter the scale. He makes sure that you as a defendant know your rights and how to protect them during the trial. Mr. Hauser covers all types of criminal violations and federal cases. If you find yourself facing the law, don’t face it by yourself. Choose the best lawyer in the Philadelphia area. Contact Mark D. Hauser today and to get a professional to fight the battle for you.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Philadelphia

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A tough, aggressive, and knowledgeable Pennsylvania and Federal criminal defense lawyer that is able to handle all types of cases serving Philadelphia County, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Chester County, and Delaware County.

DUI lawyer

If you receive a DUI and have no prior arrests then we work to get you accepted into the ARD program so you can avoid jail time, a criminal record, and suspension of your drivers license. If you are not eligible for the ARD program, Mr. Hauser fights hard to get you a “not guilty” on your DUI arrest.

Drivers License Restoration

If your driver’s license has been suspended because of outstanding traffic tickets, traffic violations, drunk driving or another criminal offense, Mark D. Hauser, Criminal Defense Attorney, is here for you. Mr. Hauser is experienced in eliminating suspension time, lowering punishment, removing points, and getting your license restored.

Philadelphia Traffic Violations

Anyone who has driven into the city has probably dealt with an unfair traffic ticket in Philadelphia. Mr. Hauser is well versed in Pennsylvania state traffic violation law and has won countless parking wars against the Philadelphia Parking Authority. He helps reduce your traffic violation fines and makes sure your tickets do not result in insurance-raising points or suspension of your license.

Federal Criminal Defense

Mark D. Hauser specializes in federal court cases and federal criminal cases in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. RICO, racketeering, human trafficking, embezzlement, slavery, tax evasion, habeas corpus, civil rights, and other such crimes are serious matters. Contact Mark D. Hauser, an experienced criminal defense attorney with the comprehension of federal laws needed to protect your rights.