Can I Expunge My Criminal Record in Pennsylvania?

As of October 2016 certain criminal convictions can be expunged from your record in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania expungement law allows for the expungement of convictions for misdemeanors of the 2nd or 3rd degree (often notated as M2 or M3), after ten years have passed and the person is conviction free. The crime cannot be punishable by more then two years maximum. Summary offenses (e.g. disorderly conduct and harassment) can also be expunged.

Many exceptions to the rule exist. If any apply, you are not eligible for the new class of expungement in the following cases:

Four or more convictions punishable for one or more years.
Simple Assault M2
Sexual Intercourse with Animals 3129
Impersonating a Public Servant 4912
Intimidation of a witness 4952
Retaliation 4953
Retaliation, Intimidation, Obstruction in regard to child abuse investigation 4958
Any crime involving sex offender registration under 42 Pa.C.S. Ch. 97

Call now (Mark Hauser, 267-258-4330) for an expungement if you qualify.

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