Mark D. Hauser, Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney

With over twenty-two years experience and an unrivaled trial record, Mark D. Hauser stands out as Philadelphia’s best criminal defense attorney.  Backed by a skilled, experienced and dedicated team of associates, investigators, and scientific experts, Mr. Hauser has all the resources required for exceptionally zealous defenses. If you have criminal charges pending, you want Mark D. Hauser to represent you on your case.  Mr. Hauser also has experience with all types of Federal Criminal Defense cases.

Philadelphia Criminal Defense Lawyer:  Strategies and Tactics

Very few Philadelphia attorneys command their colleagues’ respect like Mr. Hauser, and even fewer can match his remarkable record. Make no mistake, though: Hauser has built his reputation and earned his victories by tireless service to his clients and their families. “No one, absolutely no one, works harder or prepares more thoroughly than Mark,” Hauser’s associates insist.

Mark D. Hauser counts “wins” according to how many cases are dismissed and how many clients are found “not guilty.” Working to win, we follow two fundamental strategies: First, we work to exclude or discredit the prosecution’s most damning evidence and testimony. Second, if a case goes to trial, Mr. Hauser creates “reasonable doubt” in the judge’s or jurors’ minds by finding the flaws in the prosecution’s forensic evidence, systematically undermining key witnesses’ trustworthiness and credibility, and sometimes by presenting alternative explanations of the alleged crime.

Many of Mark’s cases never make it to trial, because he can win dismissal of all charges in preliminary hearings. Mark has exceptional command of the statutes, case law and precedents, and he applies his knowledge as he systematically deconstructs and destroys prosecutors’ cases. He examines evidence and testimony in minute detail—“as if he were looking through an electron microscope,” one associate marvels.

He relentlessly searches for the one telltale fact or flaw that undoes his opponents’ cases and tips the scales of justice in his favor. “An absolutely amazing legal mind.” Mark Hauser’s colleagues agree.

Dedicated to protecting Philadelphia defendant’s rights

Mark D. Hauser does not quit without a fight. Because the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments in the Bill of rights guarantee criminal defendants’ rights, every criminal case raises Constitutional issues, and skilled defense attorneys fiercely safeguard their clients’ rights. Hauser often wins pre-trial dismissals because he proves police officers illegally obtained evidence; either they had no probable cause for searching clients’ persons and property, or they coerced confessions in marathon interrogations. He similarly wins dismissals when officers fail to advise defendants of their rights or refuse their requests for counsel. In fact, most successful DUI defenses result from relentless questions about probable cause for the traffic stop.

As skilled in negotiation as he is in litigation, Mark frequently makes the case for mitigation, reducing the charges against his clients and therefore reducing their penalties. He has been especially successful at winning probation, deferment or suspended sentences for first-time offenders with strong ties to the community, good employment history, and strong family support. When circumstances warrant plea negotiations, Hauser strikes fair and equitable plea agreements that serve his clients’ best interests.

If you find yourself facing the law, don’t face it by yourself. Choose the best criminal defense attorney in the Philadelphia area, someone who can get the judge or jury to say “not guilty”.Contact Mark D. Hauser today and get a professional to fight the battle for you.

Willing to take-on the toughest cases

Mr. Hauser willingly takes on the most challenging defenses, including violent or sexually based offenses, where most attorneys either feel reluctant or flat-out refuse. In both state and federal courts, he has prevailed in murder, aggravated assault, rape and armed robbery cases. In everyday life, cases never unfold like the spectacular techno-legal fantasies you see on “CSI” and “Law and Order.” Murder and assault cases generally grow out of lovers’ quarrels and family disputes, often fueled by alcohol. Therefore, the circumstances themselves create a great deal of perfectly reasonable doubt. Similarly, most rape cases turn on the old axiom, “he said, she said,” and many rape complaints originate in romances “gone bad”. Although no attorney genuinely wants to put a victim on trial, every properly zealous defense of rape case requires extra aggressive cross-examination of the prosecution’s complaining witness. Reasonable doubt frequently develops during a skilled defense attorney’s relentless questions about the complainant’s motivation for filing charges.

Although Mr. Hauser does not shy away from headline-grabbing cases, he also accepts relatively minor misdemeanor cases; he invests the same attention and effort in them that he puts into his spotlight defenses. Steadfastly devoted to the cardinal principle, “innocent until proven guilty,” Mark Hauser invests all the might of his mind and soul in assuring no one can prove his clients’ guilt.


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