Federal Crimes and Federal Court Cases in Philadelphia

Mr. Hauser is educated in all Federal laws and the rules of federal courts. From federal tax cases, white collar crimes, and criminal cases, he will be able to provide you with a thorough defense. His knowledge of Federal sentencing guidelines will ensure you get a fair outcome in your case.

Being accused of a federal crime is a serious matter. Mark D. Hauser approaches federal cases with confidence in his familiarity with the federal court system. If you need a federal criminal lawyer in the Philadelphia, PA area then contact Mark D. Hauser today (267-258-4330). With over 22 years of experience, Mark has worked on numerous federal cases with an extensive portfolio of positive outcomes.

About Federal Crimes

The federal court system has different rules than the state system. The United States Attorney’s Office will have more time and resources to build their federal case against you and make a successful defense.

Federal Court cases have a much stricter schedule as there are fewer cases than in state courts. You need to have a defense ready for whatever date your trial is set for as cases are rarely dismissed due to scheduling conflicts.

If federal charges are being filed against you it is pretty much guaranteed that the Assistant United States Attorneys have been thoroughly investigating you for a while and have a solid case built.

The bottom line is that everything about federal cases will be different compared to state cases. The judges, potential jury, bail requirements and sentencing all have different requirements/rules. Don’t hire just any criminal defense attorney, you need someone that has experience in actual federal court cases. No matter what the Federal Charge:

Mark D. Hauser has the experience and knowledge to protect your rights throughout the whole procedure and build the best defense possible. Contact us today! or call 267-258-4330.

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