Philadelphia tax evasion defense attorney

Philadelphia Tax Crime Defense

Charges of tax fraud and tax evasion are prosecuted thoroughly by expert teams of legal professionals. To effectively defend yourself against these charges, you’ll need an attorney who is well-versed in the current tax law landscape as well as the historical precedence that has shaped our current legal system.

Tax crimes are broken down into two categories: Fraud and Evasion. In each category, the prosecution hinges on proving there was intent to commit a crime. Simply misfiling your taxes out of carelessness is not a crime. With this foundation, expert attorneys can build rock-solid defenses against even the most serious charges.

Tax Fraud

Prosecutors will dig into your personal information to find signs of intent. They’ll be looking for understatements of income, concealment of assets, and a failure to cooperate with tax authorities. The scope of the prosecution’s focus makes it essential that you hire an attorney with tax law expertise immediately. Special attention to detail and a deep understanding of the potential red flags that can be presented to juries will ensure the prosecution doesn’t dig up anything that will surprise our team.

Tax Evasion

Failure to file taxes is taken extremely seriously. The IRS understands that its complicated tax code can be difficult to navigate, and sometimes honest mistakes can seem life intentional criminal acts. With the right defense attorney, you’ll be able to clarify your intentions, demonstrate your quality of character, and beat the charges prosecutors are trying to hard to make stick. These cases require similar attention to detail as fraud cases, since little discrepancies can be misconstrued as serious abuses. By working hard to examine how various tax codes are implemented, we’ve built a solid foundation for defending those accused of tax evasion.

Philadelphia Tax Law Defense Attorney

Mark D. Hauser has the experience and know-how to properly represent you and beat the charges against you. Extensive knowledge and countless cases just like yours have given him the necessary tools to build a successful defense. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn how you can work with one of Philadelphia’s most successful defense attorneys.