Success Stories from Clients of Mark D. Hauser

Excellent Lawyer

Written by: Linda Mo.
“Mark is an excellent lawyer. He helped me with my daughters case and she recieved a better outcome than I hoped. We were very satisfied with his work.”
5 / 5 stars

Best Criminal Defense Attorney

Written by: Jen d-o
“Finding Mark was like hitting an easy button. Since 2010 Mark has represented my niece ,myself and numerous others in my family. Mark is great, he makes you feel secure. The simple things like having his direct number and him actually answering speaks volumes. He keeps you up to date with your case and is reassuring. His prices are very reasonable and he’s a winner. He’s won every case. I would definitely recommend Mark to anyone who needs to win.”
5 / 5 stars

I Highly Recommend this Lawyer

Written by: Mark Hoang
“Mark handled my cousin’s criminal case and my cousin was found not guilty of all charges. Mark was professional, knowledgeable, and reasonably priced. Highly recommended!”
5 / 5 stars

Great Attorney

Written by: xXFazedDragonXx
“Mark is an excellent attorney, he helped me with a relative’s case and she received a better outcome than expected and his price was VERY reasonable. I would recommend him to anyone! We were extremely satisfied with him!!”
5 / 5 stars

Mark is the Best Defense Attorney in Philly

Written by: Paul McAlary
“Mark Hauser has been a tremendous help navigating our legal system. He has represented me and me advised me, always to a 100% successful outcome. Even a lawyer as persuasive as Mr. Hauser couldn t argue against complete success. I would give him 6 stars but I can only give him 5 legally. Retain him and you can t go wrong.”
5 / 5 stars

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